IQOS Iluma One Neon Limited Edition


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IQOS Iluma One Neon Limited Edition

10th Anniversary

The new IQOS ILUMA One NEON is Now available in very limited quantities

IQOS ILUMA ONE NEON LIMITED EDITION is the latest innovation from IQOS. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more sensuous smoking experience with ILUMA ONE NEON LIMITED EDITION. Our revolutionary new product features a beautiful, tobacco-free fully-translucent cartridge that lets you see the glowing light at the end of your cigarette as you smoke.

IQOS Iluma is a revolutionary new technology that has been developed by Philip Morris International. It uses a revolutionary new heating technology that is up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes. IQOS Iluma comes in a simple and elegant range of colors to suit your personality and style. It fits in with your lifestyle and not be in the way when you are traveling, at work or enjoying yourself with friends.

IQOS ILUMA: Heating Tobacco with Induction

The ILUMA ONE NEON LIMITED EDITION uses extreme induction heating technology and comes in a variety of forms, allowing adult users to select the gadget that best meets their requirements and interests. This device produces no combustion or smoke, and PMI testing indicates that IQOS Iluma provides a more pleasurable experience than earlier IQOS generations.

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