Glo Hyper X2 Black Gun Metal

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Glo Hyper X2 Black Gun Metal

Uses NEO Sticks in many flavors found here.

Uses/Sessions per charge: Up to 20
Ongoing sessions: Up to 2
Heating technology: Inductive
Warm-up time: 15” boost, 20” standard
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Duration of each session: 3 minutes (boost mode), 4 minutes (standard mode)
Ports: USB-C (charging)
Special characteristics: Boost Button, No Ash
Weight: 102g
Dimensions: 77.5 x 43.3 x 21.4mm
Colour: Black
Box Contents: 1x glo hyper x2 Device, 1x USB-C Charging Cable, 1x Cleaning Brush, 1x User Manual
Details: The new glo hyper x2, with Advanced Heat Technology, heats specially shaped neo smoke sticks to around 250C. Induction heating technology, combined with neo’s new Demi Slim Format, is designed to offer even greater enjoyment in a unique variety of flavors. This tobacco product harms your health and is addictive. It is intended exclusively for adults. Delivery will be made upon presentation of a police ID.

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Basic features:

 New one-click opening for a cleaner user experience
 Lighter and smaller than other glo™ devices
 New Boost button to customize your taste experience
 New LED indicator on the top of the device that shows the remaining duration of the session
 Compatible with neo™ sticks
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Step 1: Place the stick in the heating chamber.
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Step 2: Press and hold the standard (bottom) or boost (top) button for 3 seconds and customize your experience.
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Step 3: Once the light indicator is complete the device vibrates once more.
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Step 4: You bring the glo close to the lips and inhale lightly.