Pulse Oximeter OXY07


Equipped with LED display
3 parameters: SPO2, PR, and PI indicator
Beep, dimmable, Color screen
Low voltage indicator
Auto power off after 8 seconds
Small volume and weight

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Finger pulse oximeter Lebanon

These are devices that measure the oxygen saturation level of the blood.
The beauty of a pulse oximeter is that it is very easy to use, the sensor is like a clothespin that you put on your finger and after 10-20 seconds shows the oxygen level and pulse.
It is only better to fulfill the following conditions:
The main parameter that the pulse oximeter determines is the saturation (or saturation) of the blood with oxygen.
The red blood cells (erythrocytes) contain a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen.
If the pulse oximeter reads 96%, this means that 96% of hemoglobin carries oxygen, and 4% does not.
In a healthy person, this figure is likely to be 95% and higher.
This usually means that the tissues of the body do not suffer from a lack of oxygen and our lungs quite effectively “transfer” oxygen to the blood.

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