IQOS Originals One Silver

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IQOS Originals One Silver

IQOS ORIGINALS ONE is an all-in-one heated tobacco system that, on a full charge, allows you to enjoy up to 20 HEETS, It comes in four colors: Slate, Turquoise, Silver and Red.

The IQOS Original One is the latest device developed by PMI, an all in one compact device that can be used for three consecutive times, up to 20 Heets. The colors are similar to IQOS 3 Duo originals and the main difference with the Duo is the fact that it doesn’t come with a holder and a pocket charger, a more convenient way to enjoy your favorites Heets.

The Iqos Original One is different from Iqos Iluma One which uses the Terea tobacco sticks instead of the Heets tobacco sticks. You can buy IQOS Originals One in Lebanon on outleb.com now, check all colors here.

What’s in the box:
  • USB-C Cable to charge the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE.
  • Power Adaptor.
  • Dual Cleaner.